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heart - in coffee

rheashan in cullen_diaries


Who did it? I want to know who did it! Someone posted a secret about our diaries in that blasted Twilight Secrets comm. And they called us funny?! What is about a cross dresser and a sexually fustrated stubborn idiot or keeps making me break his keyboard, FUNNY?! Im seriously starting to wonder about some humans sanity, not to mention sence of humour..

Oh I pray we wont get bombarded with people, Our cover is blown, we should move! Never know, I might eat one of them >.> Please, oh please can we move?


OOC: In fact we <3 tw_secret, everyone should check it out. Jasper my man is alone on this one.


*tries to delete comment grumbling about injustices*

I don't like chill pills, I give them out I cant take them!

I <3 Jasper.
Why thank you!
Jazz, baby it's okay! I think...no I KNOW this blog is the last of our worries.

What really has me worried are all the pictures that popping up all over the internet of us in the parking lot at school...it's scary seeing picture of myself from earlier in the day spread so far across the internet.

Edward's been taking some less than flattering pictures lately...I never thought I'd say this but I think Bella makes him laugh too much.
Far far too much!

What I want to know, is why everyone finds us so interesting. I hate to say it, but our school needs security guards, have you seen those creepy middle aged women hanging around? They are the culprits I know it. I may be old but at least Im not creepy like that.
When your one of the ones being stalked and having photos of you flying over the internet, then you can talk thank you!

Besides, the emotional overhaul from those photos is making my head hurt *head hits desk*
I agree, Jasper. Why, today, when I was in my room trying to decide which pair of Batman undies to put on, an old lady fell out of the tree outside of my window. She had binoculars in her hands and kept thinking, "I WANNA SEE THAT SPARKLING WEENIE, DAMMIT!"

Note to Esme: We should rethink the whole "glass wall" thing. Just sayin'.
Family Portrait!

February 2009

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