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Tell me whens its over

I. Cannot. Beleive. This. Family.

Alice and I came home from our weekend hunting trip. Bagged a few choice kills mind you, and a few choice interactions I will not broadcast across the world like the rest of my family seems so willing to do.

All in all it was a good weekend, so I was feeling rather optimistic, until I walked in and found Emmett and Edward sitting in the lounge room. I don't know which is worse, Edward's seething rage, hatred, or self pity, or Emmett's tranny emotions trying to elate me into watching a child's cartoon that will have my singing like an idiot like him.

I didn't even have time to break another of Edward's stupid keyboard for his stupidity in use of caps before running from the house as fast as I could. Im not saying where I am, and Im not coming home until his Emmett's speal ends.

SpongeBob Squarepants... Sometimes I wonder if Emmett hasn't got a glitch in his brain.


Come on Jasper.
Spongebob is Awesome, and so is Emmett.
Dont stop singing, Emmett!

Sorry Jasper...
Damn. Now I have something in common with Emmett.

Jasper, I wish you'd have a little more control over their emotions. I know you think interfering is wrong but honestly I'm tired of them running you out of the house. You are fortunate to have a psychic wife or else you'd be in HUGE trouble for just running off like that without telling me.

Speaking of, you may want to find another location, Emmett's going to come looking for you once he finds out how annoyed you are with him and he'll find you unless you go farther.
Alright love, I will have a little more control...

Let him come, I do beleive you've just seen what I'll do to his emotions when he finds me :)

I'll be home soon enough Ally, if you feel warrented to warn Emmett go ahead I don't mind, one should be warned if they can be, you know I love you.
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February 2009

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