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Out. Of. Hand.

This is getting out of hand, these stalker women are driving me nuts. From hiding in trees, to wanting Eddie's virtue its making my head spin. Yesterday I found myself looking at Eddie wondering if snatching in on his way to the volvo would work... Thankfully I caught myself, these women are crazy.

I can't even have a moment with my wife anymore!

I mean, how in hell did they know?


Icon thanks to xoxgoodbye!


Bahaha! ROFL TM's hiding in trees and wanting to take Edward's virtue! But who doesn't want Eddie's virtue, lol... ;D Joking :P

Tehehe, thank you for crediting me on my icon! The Cullen diaries is awesome!
Your welcome, you deserve it! Its an awesome Icon. I saw it and went Oooo that totally fits XD

Jasper: I don't want Edwards virtue, and whirlwind of emotions is sending my around the bend. Lust can be dangerous, got me caught on camera it did!
You can direct that lust my way baby *points to icon*. Let em take pics. It's all they are ever going to get from you, sugar!

On that note though...I'm thinking Rose and I should start making curtains big enough to cover the giant windows in the bedrooms...I personally wouldn't want anything more racy that the ass grabbing to get caught on film.
Thank god for the porsche's tinted windows ;)

If they got anything else on film they'll wish they hadn't, thats all Im saying.
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